Visors, Gowns, Gloves

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Due to the outbreak of Covid-19, there is currently a lack of protective equipment for healthcare professionals in hospitals. This equipment is essential to protect not only the healthcare professionals but also the patients from the transmission of coronavirus. At Mednorth, we are supplying medical industries with 3 key items that run the risk of running out as the virus reaches it’s peak very soon.

Firstly, we are selling face visors which will prevent exhaled breath hitting the face and eyes. This protective measure is lightweight, adjustable and comfortable for health and social care professionals. They can prevent the transmission of virus particles through the eyes, mouth and nose in high-risk settings. Face visors are very effective to protect all areas of the face covered by the mask and they can protect the respiratory system from being attacked by deadly microbes. Face visors provide a thicker layer of protection in comparison to disposable masks, so they greatly reduce the risk of the transmission of microbes.

disposable fabric

Additionally, we are supplying gowns for medical professionals. This can reduce the risk of the virus coming into contact with skin. This prevents the virus being spread from patient to patient as well as from healthcare professional then bringing the virus into their homes. Coronaviruses are able to survive on surfaces such as your clothes. This risk is particularly high in medical settings, for example if you nurse someone with an illness or clean up vomit. Germs and microbes can also get onto outer clothing if you have handled contaminated food or come into contact with a soiled object. The gowns from Mednorth provide a protective layer and are long sleeved, so the maximum amount of your body is covered with a disposable fabric.

The final protective equipment which Mednorth is supplying to medical industries is gloves. Especially in healthcare settings, our hands are the main body part that run the risk of transmitting the virus. Wearing our high-quality gloves is effective in reducing the spread of the virus in two ways. Firstly, the healthcare professional will be protected in case they have any cuts or breaks in their skin, as the gloves prevent microbes from entering. In these circumstances, even the smallest cuts or breaks can have the most fatal consequences. Secondly, these gloves are vital for the current situation where healthcare professionals are coming into contact with a lot of patients in a short space of time. The gloves are disposable, so they can quickly be thrown away and replaced as medical professionals move from patient to patient. In this way, Mednorth gloves are essential to protect both patients and healthcare professionals.