Testing Kits

easy-use testing kits

Mednorth is looking into developing into an easy-use testing kit which people can use in their homes. At the moment, the UK has ceased to carry out testing for Covid-19 which is proving to be problematic for a number of reasons. Even though the UK is currently in lockdown, at this moment in time, we are permitted to leave our homes to buy essential supplies and for one form of exercise every day. During this short period of time whilst we leave our homes, it is possible to transmit the virus to other people if we do have it. If we can use these testing kits to find out if we have the coronavirus, people can self-isolate and ensure they don’t leave their homes or come into contact with others. This will greatly reduce the transmission of the virus.

potential results within ten minutes

The easy-use testing kit aims to provide swift testing and potential results within ten minutes compared to the NHS process, which could take hours. One of the issues with Covid-19 is that the virus seems to be able to spread before symptoms even appear. If people can test for the coronavirus before symptoms appear (for example if they have travelled to a high-risk location), they can take necessary steps to self-isolate. Finally, an issue for medical professionals is that they are asked to self-isolate as soon as they show symptoms for coronavirus, even if it results that they only have a cold. Allowing medical professionals to use these testing kits could be of great help to the NHS as there will be a greater workforce who is available if it results that the healthcare professional test negative.