Gel Automatic Disinfectant Dispensers

As we start to ease back into the routine of normal life and see businesses re-opening in the ensuing months, the health and safety of our population remains a top priority. MEDnorth is doing everything possible to mitigate the risk of infection or spreading of viruses. As institutions resume usual activity, we need to reduce the transmission of germs so that people feel secure to return to day-to-day life. MEDnorth’s flagship product, Gel Automatic Disinfectant Dispensers, will undoubtedly play a key role in the return to our former routines.

The Gel Automatic Disinfectant Dispensers will be situated in buildings, commercial areas, schools, railways and public spaces. With these strategic placements, they will be the perfect solution to kill bacteria and viruses on the go. Whilst handwashing is the best option to remove germs, hand sanitising gel is the ideal solution for when you’re on the go, entering/leaving buildings and in contact with surfaces. That is why MEDnorth’s dispensers are the ideal solution for the foreseeable future. The hand sanitising gel kills microbial cells due the high concentration of isopropanol alcohol (more commonly known as rubbing alcohol). The gel is effective against viruses as they disrupt the viruses’ outer coat, killing them. They are also an effective solution to kill bacteria as they kill the cell membrane, so they cannot survive and replicate.

extremely reliable, high-quality & robust

The dispensers work automatically by operating with an Infrared Sensor which makes them safe and clean as they are completely touch free to avoid cross contamination. The dispensers can be wall mounted, with an optional floor stand and table stand accessory. They are battery powered and will give a low battery reminder, to ensure that there is a constant availability of hand sanitiser gel.

Dispensers are extremely reliable, high-quality and robust. The simple design makes them easy to refill when the gel runs out. The dispensers can hold a maximum volume of 1000ml, supplying 0.5ml with every pump, so it can dispense 2000 times before needed to be refilled. We love the clean design of the dispensers, which are available in either black or white colours. To be activated, users must come within 5-8cm of the sensor so that the dispenser emits gel, making them extremely clean. MEDnorth’s dispensers are all CE and RoHs certified. Purchase MEDnorth dispensers online today so we can get one step closer to ensuring the health and well-being of our population.