Face Masks

protect yourself & Those You Love

Mednorth supplies a range of face masks to protect you against the transmission of viral particles through the airway systems. Masks are an effective solution to capture droplets which have been found to be the highest transmission route of coronavirus. Although there is a possibility for the virus to be transmitted through the eyes, it can still greatly reduce the rate of transmission and is better than wearing nothing. For medical professionals who are regularly in close contact with an infected person, wearing a mask reduces the risk of virus transmission. Wearing a mask is also a sensible option to protect other people if you are showing symptoms of coronavirus or have been diagnosed. Therefore, if you are a healthcare professional or are a family member looking after someone who is ill, it is crucial that you wear a mask.

3 different types of face masks

At Mednorth, we supply 3 different types of face masks: FFP1 (N95), FFP2, and FFP3. All 3 of the masks are CE and EN149-2001 marked, meaning that the designs have been tested to recognised standards. The FFP number indicates the level of protection. The higher the number (1,2 or 3), the better the protection against dust and microbes. FFP1 (N95), FFP2, and FFP3 masks reduce the amount of dust/microbes you can breathe in by factors of 4,10 and 20 respectively. FFP3 masks are commonly used in health and social care settings and are worn by healthcare professionals. Wearing the masks essentially creates a vacuum around your nose and mouth, preventing any microbes from entering. When you put on the face masks, you must ensure that they are fitted according to manufacturer instructions.